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Chris has worked for 25 years in the telecoms industry and is currently Director of Communications at Openwave Mobility, a bright new company in Silicon Valley. Chris writes articles for Openwave Mobility which you can access here. He is an experienced speaker having spoken and chaired events in many countries, and in the 1980s was involved in some of the earliest research into “CDMA” – the basis for mobile telephony worldwide.

Brought up a Hindu, Chris became a Christian at 19 and has served in many roles in local churches. He now works part time at Openwave and is Associate Pastor at Brownley Green, Baptist Church Wythenshawe – a large outer-city estate with more than its fair share of problems and struggles – but much to smile about as well! Read Nothing Good Comes Out of Wythenshawe.

God on the Web

God on the Web

Are you a Digital Native – born and raised on technology; or do you feel more like a Digital Immigrant – slightly awkward with the culture and the language? Does the internet help you make relationships and spread the word; or does it reduce your ability to think and rest properly?

I spent some time recently reading and talking with theologians who study “digital theology”. Here’s a light-hearted taste of what difference the internet can make to your faith.

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