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Menu suggestions

Here are a few suggestions for what the main menu could look like on your new church website. There are many different variations possible, of course. Each main menu item can of course also have a sub menu. Try to keep to a simple structure and also one that reflects the individuality and character of your church and what it is about.

Don't forget that some of the menu items will be linked to features such as the calendar or audio player, some to individual pages, some to photo galleries and some to categories of content such as blogs or resource listings (these work like folders or lists of pages.)


Not everything needs to be on the main menu. On larger sites, there may also be a footer menu. You may also wish to have links to sections of your website as rows of links. These can be used to highlight key content.

Here is an example.


Our list isn't exhaustive. What do you think it missing? What would you have on a sub menu? Do YOU have any bright ideas? We'd love to hear from you.

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