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The Little Book of Prayer Experiments - Author Interview

The Little Book of Prayer Experiments - Author Interview

I had a fantastic week at the Northumbria Community this summer. You could really sense the heartbeat of God's presence in the beauty and the stillness of the worship there. I bought myself a copy of The Little Book of Prayer Experiments by Miranda Threlfall-Holmes only to bump in to here on Twitter the very next week.

The bookis a great little pocket sizes practical workbook to help you experiment and record your experiences with some different forms of prayer. Experiments include Colouring The Bible, Prayer Walking, Breathing Meditation, Prayer Den, Praying with your Body, Using a Labyrinth and many more. I'd recommend this to new Christians or those lifelong Christians (like me) who have really kept to just one or two ways to pray. These ways of praying have been tried and tested over the whole life of the church, and most of them have ancient and biblical roots. They're worth thinking about.

I decided a short interview by tweets was the order of the day, so here is our conversation. Please do like, comment and join in the conversation. I'd be really interested to know what people make of the different forms of prayer advocated in the book.


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