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App review - Prayers on the Move

I love the concept of this simple app. It's prayer for busy people!


It has a library of 31 apps and the idea is that you work through them all. The app includes an audio recording which encourages you to focus on your breathing, reads the prayer and allows some silence - all in 1 minute.

The prayers are certainly easy to understand, in relevant modern language and surrounded by nice loooking modern graphics. Once you've had your minute of prayer you can write a note on the prayer, send feedback or share the prayer using any of the usual social media options.

I've used it on the tube in central London sat right under the advert for the app (?!) I've also used it in the car stuck in traffic and whilst taking a break from work. It's nice to have prayers in your pocket and there aren't that many similar apps out there. Here's a screenshot.




If you'd like a sneak preview of the app you can also listen to the prayer of the day on the apps website here. From the same site you can also download books, wallet cards and various other goodies. 

Good points

If you would like a free app to encourage you to pray each day, are a busy person who likes technology and is sometimes stuck for what to say to God then this app might just be worth trying! It's great to see a wide ranging campaign aimed at deepening people's faith through regular prayer. If you aren't 'in to' apps then you can download a free prayer ebook or even order your free copy (suggested donation £1.) All in all this is definitely one of those campaigns that will 'click' with some people so it's worth giving it a go.


The 'Add a personal note' option would be a great way to start a prayer diary, keeping a note of what you feel God is saying to you as you pray (although this might take more than one minute!!)


I use the android version which was a little glitchy but not by any means so annoying that it made the app unusable. This could just be my device.



Please do post your comments here or drop us a tweet to @aliveandonline if you've tried the app. 

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